Country coordinator for Nigeria


📢 Country coordinator for Nigeria.
Job Based in NIGERIA
Within the framework of its commercial development strategy in NIGERIA, the Multi-Chemical Industry (MCI)[1] developed an AFRICA Plan (Project) and is looking for a country Coordinator to manage project activities in Nigeria with the objective to support technical and marketing activities and promote the branding of MCI products in the area.
The country Coordinator will be based in Nigeria and is responsible for the overall management of the project at the regional level, working closely with the project team in MCI headquarters (in Morocco), as well as distributors and project outreach technicians in the country.
he will:
-Coordinate and implement the MCI commercial development strategy at the country
-Maintain regular contact with key stakeholders including relevant authorities and professional associations in Nigeria to promote MCI commercial development strategy and the branding of its products;
-Clarify the roles and responsibilities of each actor involved in the MCI network in the field in order to guarantee the quality of services rendered;
-Supervise and manage the network of the project outreach and extension technicians and vaccination teams in Nigeria;
-Develop with the support of distributors a country annual action plan for project activities including technical and marketing activities, vaccination campaigns, field trials, training, Post Vaccination Monitoring;
-Facilitate and follow up with the relevant authorities on the product registration process in Nigeria;
-Conduct market research and collect and synthesize relevant data and information;
-With the support of MCI Technical Department, provide specific training to outreach and extension technicians in Nigeria;
-Promote the creation or development of livestock cooperatives and associations;
-Prepare monthly report describing the achievements, business development and analysis, budget expenditures, constraints impeding implementation of the project and suggestions for improvement; submit these reports to the AFRICA Project Manager;
-Travel within the country as and when required; and Perform activities.
Requirements :
-veterinarian or equivalent with working experience in commercial and marketing activities 
-Knowledge of the veterinary medicines marketing network, registration procedures and the functioning of veterinary services in Nigeria
-Has strong communication skills and proven track record of business development plans and provide exemplary customer services
-knows how to establish and meet marketing initiative goals.
-Familiarity with the country context is an asset.

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